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Every once in a while I will get the urge to go on-board and enjoy a cruise. The problem lately is that there are very few places that we have not been to that what the Cruise line have to offer is not appealing to either of us.

We have been on so many cruises that it reached the point that we are repeating visits to certain places. Granted, there are some places that we dont mind returning to. Such as Cozumel, Aruba, San Martin. Then there are those that left a sour taste like Saint Thomas, Saint Croix.

And the ship experience makes you want to think about twice. But overall we love cruising and will continue doing so. We are hoping for some new Ports of Call.   

Port of Call: San Martin

We love the Hospitality and friendly locals. We have visited San Martin on several occasions and enjoyed them all. We have driven around both parts of the Island using a rental car. there are some beautiful sites to see and enjoy at your leisure.